A Powerful Partnership

Victoria College is more than just a school, we're a community. A strong partnership between boy, parent and school staff is the key to ensuring students are successful in their learning and make the most of all the opportunities on offer.

We appreciate that teenage years can bring new and, at times, complex challenges for families as boys seek to become more independent. Our strong focus on pastoral care and parent engagement will ensure that you and your son are supported on his secondary school journey. Whether your boy is joining us from our Prep school, another Jersey primary school or is new to the island, we ensure that the transition is smooth for both student and parent.

Our aim is to build on the skills and confidence each boy has developed during their Key Stage 2 years so that they are equipped to take on further challenges and opportunities throughout Key Stages 3 and 4, including GCSEs and A levels. We want our boys to continue to feel confident and capable as they add depth and dimension to their academic and personal development.

As a learning institution, we are open to feedback and continuously improving ourselves. In January 2018, the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate (ISI), the UK body that reviews independent British schools worldwide, published a report on Victoria College and Victoria College Preparatory School (VCP). The report rated student personal development as ‘Excellent’ at both schools. The learning and achievement was rated ‘Good’ at Victoria College and ‘Excellent’ at VCP. Read the ISI 2018 Report.

Admissions in Years 7-11

If your son is motivated to learn and achieve at the highest levels, he'll be most welcome at Victoria College. We are a selective school, so admission is determined by his academic performance and record of attendance and behaviour. Each applicant sits short tests in core subjects of English and Mathematics during a day when he can visit the school and start getting to know it. 

We will also seek a reference and educational attainment data from his previous schools via a standard questionnaire.

The College aims to educate boys who are committed to their work and will benefit from the unique environment of our school. We look carefully at each candidate to ensure that there is a good fit and that he will feel comfortable and able to contribute to the positive learning environment at Victoria College.

Boys wishing to join Victoria College during Years 7 to 11 will be assessed using the College's own entrance procedure.

You can read more about our admissions procedures in the Admissions Policy below. For any further admissions queries, please contact Admissions Secretary, Isabelle Cunningham via email: admissions@vcj.sch.je, or call 01534 638222. 

If you're ready to register your son to join us in Years 7-11, click below to complete the New Student Registration form. 


Boys from Victoria College Preparatory School

Boys from our Prep school, VCP, are automatically offered a place in Year 7 at Victoria College without sitting the entrance examination provided that by the end of Year 5 they:

  • Are consistently attaining standardised scores of 100 or greater in reading comprehension and mathematics assessments.
  • Are consistently attaining age-related expectations in reading, writing and maths.
  • Have demonstrated good behaviour and a positive attitude towards learning, as evidenced in their school reports, during their time at VCP.

VCP boys who are not automatically offered a place may be considered for progression to Victoria College via:

  • An interview with the Headmaster of Victoria College, who may admit candidates at his discretion.
  • Achieving the requisite results on the entrance exam alongside external candidates.

Entrance Examination

Boys wishing to join Victoria College during years 7 to 11 will be assessed using the College's own Entrance Procedure. Commitment, high standards of behaviour and good parental support will be pre-requisites for entry at all ages and in every case, the final decision on admission rests with the Headmaster of Victoria college.

Our ‘admission profile’ will comprise the following four sections for entry at the age of 11. This is to ensure we obtain the best possible information on the young people that apply to the College from non-VCP schools, to help understand their particular strengths, and to help us make the most informed decision on a place.

1.  Admissions Tests
o For entry at the age of 11, boys will sit the 11+ GL Assessments tests in English and Maths, in the November prior to entry. Details of these processes, together with information on the GL Assessments resources (examplar papers and Parents Guide), are available on our College Website, and can be accessed on this link.
o We do not intend to disclose the assessment results or completed papers to parents or schools, but will use these results as a means to judge academic capability in numeracy and literacy.

3. School Report
o The most recent Year 6 school report is requested.

2. School Reference (including CAT score)
o The College aims to educate boys who have a commitment to their work and will benefit from the structures operating at Victoria College. For the benefit of all boys at the College, students who have a poor attendance, behaviour, or motivation record will not be considered for a place at College.
o We ask for an honest and detailed school reference, the format of which is determined by Victoria College, taking into account any learning needs, strengths and weaknesses. The previous academic achievement of each student will be taken into consideration. Educational attainment data will be requested on the Reference form.
o We also ask for the student CAT score.

4. Interview
o These will be conducted during the Assessment Morning in early November, by a member of our senior staff. This is to help us get to know the applicant a little better and allow the applicant to discuss their individual interests, skills and passions.

Fees - Value for money secondary education in Jersey

The school fees for Victoria College are currently £2,320 per term or £6,960 per academic year, for the term September 2022 to July 2023. Tuition fees are paid by Direct Debit monthly.   In consultation with the Board of Governors and CYPES, the fees for Victoria College and Victoria college Preparatory School are subject to an annual review each Spring Term in advance of the next academic year.

Monthly Direct Debits are deducted automatically from your nominated account on the first of each month, or the following working day if it falls on a weekend or Public Holiday.







1 June

1 July

1 August

1 September


1 October

1 November

1 December

1 January


1 February

1 March

1 April

1 May

For all queries related to Tuition fees for either Victoria College or Victoria College Preparatory School, contact Mrs Isabelle Cunningham on fees@vcj.sch.je

As a States-owned school, we receive a grant from the States of Jersey for every student. This contribution makes a Victoria College education excellent value for money compared to similar schools in the UK.

We are passionate about making a Victoria College education accessible to all of Jersey’s most able and willing boys, and can offer financial support to families. The Payment of Fees Policy can be read here.

Financial Help

We offer a range of means-tested bursaries to support students who would like to attend Victoria College but could only do so with some financial assistance. Bursaries are available specifically to help your family pay all or part of the school fees, especially if your household income is below £60,000.

For more information please read the Bursary Guide.

To apply for a bursary or enquire further, please contact Mrs Katya Petty, Headteacher's Secretary via email: hmsecretary@vcj.sch.je or call (01534) 638230.


These are our key school policies. Please contact us for other school policies or find general policies on the education section on the Government of Jersey website.

Please see the College's Policy on the determination and submission Teacher-Assessed Grades for our two examination cohorts (Years 11 and 13) in the summer of 2021.

Please see the College's Policy on the determination and submission Teacher-Assessed Grades for our two examination cohorts (Years 11 and 13) in the summer of 2021.

Parent Engagement

We know the key to a successful education is a strong partnership between parents, students and the school, so we warmly welcome both boys and their families.  

We encourage parents to be involved as much as they would like and are able. Your views, time and skills can really make a difference and further strengthen the school community in a variety of ways.

  • Join our Parent Association
  • Offer feedback via our online surveys
  • Become an elected parent representative on the school's Board of Governors

For more information on our Parent Association and Board of Governors, explore Our People & Community

Information for New Students 

"We are delighted to welcome you to Victoria College, and to our wonderful wider College community. I am so pleased that you have chosen our school, and I am sure you will have a fantastic time here, taking advantage of the huge range of academic and co-curricular opportunities we have on offer.

Most of you reading this will be about to join us in Year 7, but this guide will be relevant whichever school Year you are joining us in. We hope it provides guidance on some of the logistics of being at the College. It has plenty of unique things to get your head around! Don’t forget, once you arrive the College staff are here to help you, so you only need to ask if you are unsure of anything.

We very much hope you enjoy your time as a student of the College, as you join the ranks of those that have learned with us here since 1852.

We look forward to seeing you in person."

Dr Gareth Hughes
Headteacher (ELECT)

We understand that joining a new school can be a little daunting.
So we have put together a booklet for new students and their parents to help answer as many questions as we can. Please click on the link below to access the booklet. If you still have questions after reading this booklet, please get in touch with the office: admin@vcj.sch.je.


You can also watch our Transition Video on our Youtube channel - Channel Victoria: 

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