Information for New Starters

Welcome to Victoria College Secondary School

We are delighted to welcome you to Victoria College, and to our wonderful wider College community. I am so pleased that you have chosen our school, and I am sure you will have a fantastic time here, taking advantage of the huge range of academic and co-curricular opportunities we have on offer.

 Most of you reading this will be about to join us in Year 7, but this guide will be relevant whichever school Year you are joining us in. We hope it provides guidance on some of the logistics of being at the College. It has plenty of unique things to get your head around! Don’t forget, once you arrive the College staff are here to help you, so you only need to ask if you are unsure of anything.

After the alphabetically-organised overviews, there is a FAQ section at the end, together with a little section from some current Year 7s on their thoughts on the joining the College. You can also view our Transition Video here.

We very much hope you enjoy your time as a student of the College, as you join the ranks of those that have learned with us here since 1852.

We look forward to seeing you in person.

Dr Gareth Hughes
Deputy Headmaster


All students have a main College assembly every week in the Great Hall. In these key messages are presented, notable awards or successes recognised and motivational speeches delivered.  Each House holds a House assembly once a fortnight, in the House Rooms or another appropriate space, where progress on House competitions is discussed, House teams formed, and student successes recognised. Year assemblies are also held regularly during the term, often (but not solely) focusing on academic matters. Finally, we also have ad-hoc assemblies from a wide range of exciting visiting speakers.


We very much want our students to be in school, taking advantage of all we have to offer. Attendance is monitored closely by the school Attendance Officer.  If you are unable to attend College your parents should contact the Attendance Officer either by telephone on 01534 638218, or email on

Your parents are requested not to arrange family holidays during term time.  Where this is unavoidable, parents should complete an Absence Request Form (which can be downloaded from the website), for authorisation by the Headmaster, well in advance of the date.


All students need a strong school bag large enough to hold an A4 folder, sports kit and other equipment.  At break and lunch time bags should be placed on the bag racks or in a locker, if you have one. Please see the section on Lockers for more information. Sports kit and food must not be left on bag racks, or in lockers, overnight.


One of the College Values is Respect. In order to make the College experience enjoyable for all its members, we expect students to behave with courtesy, good manners and consideration for others at all times. To achieve this, students will be expected to:

  • Treat other students and members of staff with kindness
  • Demonstrate an eagerness to learn
  • Be quiet and orderly in preparation for lessons
  • Ensure the College environment is clean and tidy
  • Wear uniform correctly and with pride
  • Respect the property of others and take responsibility for own property
  • Be welcoming to visitors

Bicycles and Mopeds

Students cycling to school must leave their bicycles locked in the cycle racks near Langford. They must not cycle on site. Cyclists must wear a cycling helmet at all times and should have passed their Cycling Proficiency Test. Mopeds, for older students, must be parked in the racks near Le Brocq. Students must not ride mopeds on site and a helmet must be worn whilst the moped is being ridden or pushed.


Victoria College has a zero-tolerance approach to bullying. We believe that all students have the right to be educated in an environment where there is mutual respect and co-operation. We recognise that every student has: 

  • The right to feel safe 
  • The right to learn 
  • The right to be treated with respect 

Bullying is contrary to this approach and we do everything possible to eliminate it. 

What is bullying?

Bullying is when an individual will deliberately and persistently hurt or humiliate someone either in person or on-line and usually occurs more than once. Bullying in its simplest form can be viewed as a social problem-solving tool people use to help them address a range of issues they feel they may have. Everyone has problems but not everyone uses bullying to manage it.

Who bullies?

Bullying is a complex issue. People who bully may do so because they have underlying difficulties and problems they do not know how to deal with properly. People who bully often feel that hurting, controlling or dominating others will make them feel better. In fact, it does not help with addressing the underlying issues and they get trapped in a cycle of bullying they find hard to stop. It is vital that we address bullying as research shows that children who bully others are more likely to suffer long-term mental health problems than those who are victims or don’t experience bullying in any form.

As mentioned, we have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying, and we have sanctions at our disposal in the event it takes place. However, in this context the College seeks to educate bullies as well as support the victims of bullying. The aim of which is to encourage bullies to understand the impact of their behaviour and modify their behaviour as a result, creating a College environment where pupils feel safe, happy and able to learn effectively. 

What do you do if you feel you’re being bullied or you think someone else is being bullied?

If you think you are being bullied, TELL SOMEONE. 

If you see someone else being bullied, TELL SOMEONE. 

In school you can talk to:

  • Your Tutor
  • Your Housemaster
  • The Study Centre
  • Your teachers
  • The Counsellor
  • Anyone you feel comfortable talking to

Bullies need adults to help them to stop. Telling an adult about it will help you and the bully. DO NOT DEAL WITH IT ON YOUR OWN.

If you cannot do this ask your parents to contact the College.  Reporting bullying is not tale telling.  If you do not report it, it will not get better for you or the bully. 

Ways in which a child who is being bullied, and the bullies, can be supported

Support for children who have been bullied or who are bullying is not always as straightforward as talking to the victim and punishing the bully. Each person will have their own way of wanting to be supported and managed. Your Housemaster and others within College will take the lead in talking to those involved about how to manage the situation together. There is a range of support available in school including individual emotional support, friendship group support and intervention work.  What is essential is that you feel able to talk about your experiences in a calm and supportive environment.   

Bus Service

The School Bus Service is run by LibertyBus.  Further information can be found on


You are to have the following equipment with you for all your lessons. These materials can be purchased at any good stationery shop.

  • Fountain pen or ballpoint pens.
  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Rubber
  • 30cm ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Coloured pencils
  • Ink eraser
  • A4 stiff folder for storing worksheets
  • Electronic calculator
  • Geometry set

All this equipment should be labelled with your name.  All exercise books must be covered, on receipt, in clear plastic film available from stationery shops.

For Art, Design Technology and Science lessons a white laboratory coat is required.  This must be labelled with your name on the top of the outside breast pocket.  Laboratory coats can be purchased at Redvers, Bath Street, St Helier.  An old large shirt may be used for Art.


To ensure we have a good understanding of student’s progress, we hold a range of assessments over the year (further details in the Learning Guide). There are formal, internally set and marked end of year examinations, conducted in the Summer Term, for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10.  Year 12 have a series of Pre-Public Examinations in early Summer Term and Years 11 and 13 have formal mock examinations in the Spring Term, ahead of their public examinations in May and June.

Apart from the usual school testing, you will take additional tests as outlined below.  These tests take place in September/October. 

CATS: (Cognitive Ability Tests) 

All Jersey students take CATS tests in Year 9.  These are used to create a student profile for Jersey.  Results are posted to parents. 


Homework is an essential and meaningful part of the learning process.  It helps to make sure that you have understood what has been done during a lesson and to prepare for work to come. It should also help you to work independently at research and in planning.

Homework is delivered via the online learning platform ‘ShowMyHomework’. The College implemented this system so that students and parents can access and organise their homework digitally and remotely.  The use of ShowMyHomework will improve communication of homework tasks between teachers, students and parents and carers and will provide opportunities for students to understand what they have to do to be successful and when they have to do it by.  They will be informed of how much time to spend on their work and how to record it effectively. Please see the Learning Guide for more details.

If you are absent it is your responsibility to see the teachers concerned and catch up the work missed.

Homework Club

These sessions are held from Monday to Thursday from 15.30– 17:00. They are open to all College students from the beginning of each term.  The sessions are run by staff from Victoria College.

The scheme needs to be self-financing and therefore a nominal sum of £2.00 an evening is charged.  The session will be for supervised homework.  Many parents have said that they value this opportunity for their son to take part in supervised homework sessions and we are attempting to meet the wishes of our parent body by offering these sessions.


Each student is in one of the five Houses: Braithwaite, Bruce, Diarmid, Dunlop or Sartorius. These Houses are named after famous Old Victorians, which shows the strong link with our College history . The crests, in order, are above and the colours have also become synonymous with the Houses.

Students who were at Victoria College Preparatory School will normally be placed in their existing House.  Students with a family tie are usually placed in their family House whilst other students are placed in a House to make the Houses as equal as possible.  The Houses organise Inter-House competitions in Sport, Drama, Music and Art.  Each House supports its own charity and organises fund raising events.

Students are in a form registration group, which is based on Houses.  They have a Form Tutor, who meets with the form every day for 30 minutes to discuss all aspects of College life and keep an eye on progress. They are a key person in your time at College.  A Housemaster is responsible for all the students in the House and focuses on pastoral support.

Behaviour in the House Rooms is monitored carefully by the relevant Housemaster and the Behaviour Policy will be applied where necessary.

The House Rooms have been allocated in the following areas:

Bruce:                      Eden

Braithwaite:            Vibert

Diarmid:                 Tilling

Dunlop:                    De Carteret

Sartorius:                 Tilling

Illness, Accidents and Signing Out

If you feel unwell or have an accident in College you must tell a teacher straight away. You will be sent to the Office where a trained first aider will take care of you. If you are too ill to remain at College or if hospital treatment is required, your parents will be contacted. This is why it is so important to have an emergency contact number. Under no circumstances must you leave College, go home without permission or telephone your parents directly.

It is essential to make medical appointments outside College hours if possible.  If you must leave College during the day for any reason you must bring a note from your parents.  You must then sign out in the College office using the EntrySign system.  If you return to College later on the same day you must sign in, again in the College office using the same system. Speak to a member of the Office staff if you have any questions

Information Technology

The College is well equipped with over 300 PCs in dedicated computing labs and also in departmental areas. The College, as of June 2020, has a brand new WiFi network for all pupils to use with their own devices.

All students will be allocated a personal log in code for the College network and they must use a personal protective password.  Students must not let other students know their password.  

Students can save their work onto their dedicated Microsoft OneDrive account, which has unlimited online storage.  Students will be issued with a school email address which they should check regularly. 

We have a dedicated IT support team on site to help students with any problems.

Library and Resource Centre

The De Quetteville Library is open from 07:50 to 15:45. It is a study and leisure space available to any member of the College. It is open before school and during lunchtimes. Homework club is usually held there after school hours.

New students will be given an induction time to go to the Library and register with Mr Wooldridge, the College Librarian, on the College network, before they can start borrowing books. The Library currently houses about 12,000 fiction and non-fiction books!

Each student can borrow up to three items for up to three weeks. Audiobooks and DVD’ can be borrowed for seven days.  Some books are for reference only and cannot be removed from the Library. Digital cameras and digital voice recorders are also available for loan.

The Library Homepage can be accessed directly from the College website.  From there you can search the catalogue and log in to your ‘reader account’ to find out what books you have out on loan, look at a list of your past loans, reserve books and write reviews.

There are also links to a large collection of on-line resources including the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online School Edition and ‘Issues Online’ which has current information on social/environmental issues.

There are also daily papers (either in print form or available online) along with a variety of magazines. A TV provides round the clock access to the daily news.

Alongside the 23 PCs in the computer section of the Library (the Learning Resources Centre) there is a printer and photocopier for the use of students. A full class set of iPads and laptops are also available, enabling classes to be held throughout the Library  

A variety of games and pastimes are also available for student use at break times and several of the College clubs use the area for their meetings.


There are a very limited number of lockers that students can apply for.  The form is available from College Reception.  A key deposit of £20 is required, this being refunded upon return of the key either at the end of the student’s school career or when he decides that he no longer requires a locker.  Replacement keys will cost £20.00. 

Lost Property and Nearly New Uniform Shop

Lost property is kept in Reception and at Langford.  Bags that are left around the school site are placed on bag racks.

The Nearly New Uniform shop, located at the back of the Bistro in De Carteret Block, is run by our parents and is open on the first Thursday of each month during term time from 14:30 – 16:00.

Lunches and Bistro Victoria

You may either bring a packed lunch or purchase hot and cold food to eat in Bistro Victoria. A healthy, nutritious diet is essential for growing and active young people and Flourish from Caring Cooks are the catering provider for hot and cold meals for students and staff of Victoria College and our Preparatory School.  There is a Speedy Service for pizzas, paninis, sandwiches and wraps, fruits and refreshments and a Hot Lunch menu, which is rotated every three weeks each term. Menus are displayed in the Bistro or can be viewed online. Students are provided with a pre-pay card, which is topped up online and College boys can choose and pay for their own food each day. Cash is not encouraged in College or in the Bistro.

Map of the School Site

Mobile Phones

You are permitted, although not encouraged, to bring a mobile phone to school, but it forbidden for them to be used during the school day, in accordance with the Mobile Phone Policy which can be found on the school website. Phones can only be used in 6th Form Centre by Years 12 and 13 during the school day.


We at Victoria College firmly believe in a rounded education which includes quality arts teaching.  We put music firmly at the heart of school life and we encourage our boys to develop their musical talents to the highest levels, which many do in a wide range of music, displaying a diverse range of interests. From day one through to their final days at school, music will play an active part in your son’s life here and it is our mission to ensure that they are encouraged and stretched to reach their full potential.

For boys in year 7, their class music lesson is part of the VCOC (Victoria College Orchestral Challenge) which you will have received a letter about in your introduction pack.  Boys all learn an orchestral instrument during year 7, with the challenge of attaining at least their Grade 1 by the end of the year: 

We put on concerts throughout the year, from Christmas through to the summer, with large events and smaller chamber concerts aimed to enable all to get a performing opportunity. The annual House Music competition is a hotly contested event which has produced some excellent music making, often with an Old Victorian musician returning to help adjudicate the evenings.

Timetables and calendars for lessons and rehearsals are posted in the music school and can be found online too.

Teachers come to teach instrumental lessons here during the school day and boys are actively encouraged to take their lessons then. Considerate rotating timetables ensure a minimal disruption between music studies and other academic lessons and our teaching is provided by:

  • VCMA – The Jersey Academy of Music provide instrumental tuition here at school under the
  • Victoria College Music Academy
  • JMS – The Jersey Music Service provide much of the instrumental provision
  • Rock School – we have specialist guitar and drum teachers to support our rock musicians.

Last year we introduced the “Victoria College Orchestral Challenge” for all pupils in year seven.  As a part of their weekly class music lesson, every child, whether or not they play an instrument already has the opportunity to learn an orchestral instrument with one of our specialist visiting teachers for the whole year.  We give all boys the opportunity to choose from a range of instruments and try to ensure that they get their first or second choice as far as possible.  This is an orchestral challenge, therefore the range of instruments will include:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • Trumpet
  • Horn
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium/tuba

All boys take part in the project, irrespective of whether they already play or not.  Those who already learn an instrument will be able to take on a second instrument and those who already play two instruments will be able to work on an alternative music projects to expand their music.

The boys make their choices at Induction, when they are able to attend an Instrument Fair. Here the instruments are demonstrated and they have an opportunity to try out the instruments.  Once the choices are made, in September we check that the choices are the right ones and the, the students work in small groups with a specialist teacher learning the skills and developing their musicianship.  The challenge for the boys is to work to achieve Grade 1 by the end of the year. We are supporting this project as we know that the progress and musical development that occurs has a positive impact across the entire academic spectrum.

There is no charge for the lessons, but we ask for a charge for the hire of the instrument. At £25.00 per term, this is a considerable subsidy, which is included in your start of term bill. More details about the instruments ate their hiring arrangements will be sent to parents in September.   

Each week the boys will receive a 30-minute group lesson and then get together as an entire Orchestra. There will also be three concerts throughout the year to which parents will be invited.

Further information on any aspect of Music at College can be obtained by contacting Mr Francis Murton, Director of Music:


Key policies are available via the College website, under ‘For Parents’.


Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential to good time management, not to mention being vital to ensure students avoid missing valuable lesson time.  You must ensure you are in the appropriate classroom no later than the times stated in the timetable.

If you arrive after morning registration you must go to the Office to sign in before going to your lesson.  You will be marked late in the register and a note to explain this late arrival should be given to your tutor.

Parental Feedback

Parent Information Evening
This will take place at the start of the Autumn Term where you will have the chance to hear from members of the senior team about what your son’s year will look like, as well as an introduction to some key pieces of information and a chance to meet other parents and important members of staff informally. The Victoria College Parents’ Association organises a parent welcome meal on the same evening, held in Bistro Victoria.

Progress Reviews
These are issued at regular intervals throughout the year. These provide feedback on your son’s academic progress and also their success at meeting the College Values of Respect, Resilience, Resourcefulness and Aspiration.

Summative Reports
These will be issued once during the academic year for each year group.

Subject and Tutor Evenings
An evening when your parents can consult your tutors will be held in the second half of the Autumn Term.  Your parents will also have an opportunity to meet with your subject teachers during the Spring Term.

Should your parents have any queries about your school life; their first point of contact will be your Tutor.


Staff may award “Reward Points” to students for a variety of things based our four College Values of Respect, Resilience, Aspiration and Resourcefulness. This may be for things such as showing an act of kindness, displaying good behaviour, producing a particularly good piece of work or for work which is consistently good. Parents will be notified of these Rewards via the SIMS App. The rewards also come with a monetary value; once a specific number have been reached a voucher is presented that can be redeemed in Bistro Victoria. 

Students can work towards their Colours badges (Juniors and Colts) or Colours ties (Seniors) by achieving House Points for representing their House in various ways such as sport, the arts or charity work.

Ties are also awarded for College sporting, art and music achievements and prefects are presented with a Prefect badge when they are appointed.

At the end of each year, prizes are awarded to the top students in each subject in each year.

There are also many individual trophies which are presented for academic work, sport, the arts and the CCF.  The major trophies are presented at the annual Prize Giving Evening.


The College uses its sanctions only when necessary, and the Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions Policy is available on our website. College Detention runs from 15:35 to16:35 each Friday.   If a student is in Detention after school he will bring home a detention slip to be signed by his parents at least 24 hours in advance.

A Departmental Detention can also be put in place, which are for more minor offences and are held on Wednesday lunchtime at 1.25pm -1.55pm.

‘Book’ is a detention for serious offences held once a month on a Saturday morning from 09:15 – 11:15. Students are expected to wear full school uniform and will be supervised by at least two senior staff members.

As overviewed in the Behaviour section, we expect the highest standards of behaviour at all times. The Withdrawal Policy can be found on the website. This allows teachers to have students withdrawn from class, as a last resort, if they are being disruptive; this ensures that the learning process is not disrupted for others in the class.


Parents can monitor their son’s sanctions, rewards and attendance using the SIMS Parent App available from the Apple Store (iOS) or Capita SIMS website (Android). Details and the link for you to set up on your mobile phone will be sent to you in the first week of term by Mrs Watkins together with your log on details.

At the end of every school day you will receive information on the following:

  • Attendance and punctuality for that day
  • All the credits (Rewards) your son has achieved
  • All the debits (Sanctions, both academic and pastoral) your son has been given e.g. no homework, disruptive behaviour, late to a lesson etc.

You can also use the App to inform the school about a change if address or mobile phone mobile number.

Sport and Co-Curricular

The College runs many sports teams throughout the year with matches against other schools, both on and off Island.  Team practices are normally after school and are open to everyone regardless of ability.  School teams are selected to represent the College based on attendance at these sessions.  Notice of practices and team selections are displayed on the College website.  An email will be sent out at the start of each term to show what activities are running and when.

There are also many Inter-House sport competitions including

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Badminton
  • Athletics
  • Cross Country
  • Swimming
  • Shooting (Colts & Seniors Only) 

Years 7 and 8 compete in their House Form, Years 9 and 10 are represented by Colts Teams and Year 11 and the Sixth Form are the Seniors.  All Inter-House sports events score towards the Blomfield Trophy.

At Victoria College we also offer a wide range of Co-Curricular opportunities for our students. Our new Year 7s will be able to get involved in after school clubs including Climbing (where they will gain a certificated qualification), Sailing, Surfing and Mountain biking. They will be able to learn survival skills including bush craft and foraging. There will be opportunities to complete you PADI Scuba Dive qualification. At lunchtimes you can join us for coaching from the club Pro's at the Longville Golf Range, come and learn how to Skateboard, get some top Table Tennis and Football coaching or play some recreational Basketball. On top of all of this we have Drama, Art and Debate Clubs that allow you to really push yourself into the creative arts.

In the Library we run Chess, Scrabble and Card clubs as well as one-off taster session in a variety of cool RPG board games. If that's not enough you could be out gaining your sailing qualification with one of the top providers in the island aboard a yacht. We run termly quizzes and our boys enter a range of island wide competitions including the Jersey Student Business Challenge.

There is something for everyone and our staff team want to ensure you all get involved- if we aren't running an activity you want to try- you can let us know and we will am to build custom packages for you and your peers.

Sports Kit

All students require the following kit. Kit marked (R) in this section and in the Uniform section is only available from the current College outfitter, Redvers, Bath Street, St Helier.

Games/Outdoor Kit

  • College Reversible Rugby Shirt                 (R)
  • College Black Shorts with crest                (R)    
  • College Football Socks                             (R)
  • Football Boots
  • Outdoor Training Shoes (suitable for astroturf)
  • Shin Pads
  • Gum Shield

PE/Indoor Kit

  • House Colour Polo Shirt with crest           (R)
  • College White Shorts with crest               (R)
  • White PE Socks        
  • College Swimming Shorts with crest        (R)
  • White Indoor Sports Shoes

General Kit

  • College Tracksuit with crest                     (R)
  • Towel

All kit must be labelled and brought to school in your labelled kit bag.  Kit should be taken home after each lesson. 

Student Support

Every effort is made to help you feel welcome and to ensure a smooth transition from primary school to College.  Support and guidance are provided by your tutor, Head of Year and your Housemaster.  We are able to offer the services of a counsellor who visits College on a weekly basis for any student who wishes to discuss anxieties or concerns on a confidential basis.

The Wellbeing Co-ordinator is also there to provide guidance to students where required about relationships, social skills and supporting development in emotional wellbeing both individually and in group situations.  Wellbeing is integral to being a successful learner; therefore it is also an important part of the PHSE programme throughout the years at Victoria College.

We also have a School Counsellor.  Further information can be found by following this link:

Times of the College Day


Morning Registration


Lesson 1


Lesson 2




Lesson 3


Lesson 4




Tutor Time/ Assembly


Lesson 5


Your timetable will be given to you on your first day in School in September and will inform you of what subjects you will be doing each day, where your lessons will take place (don’t worry, a Prefect will be with you to show you where each room is) and who your teachers will be. Below is an example timetable to show the subjects you will be studying:







Period 1






Period 2

 Computer Science





Period 3






Period 4






Period 5







Uniform and Appearance

Every student at Victoria College dresses smartly in the appropriate uniform. Students are ambassadors for the College and dress and behave in a way that reflects the standards and values we seek to achieve.

In Years 7-10, the uniform is distinctive with its gold braided blazer. In Year 11 and in Sixth Form, students present a business image in line with our standing in the community; a matching suit – black, dark grey or dark blue – is worn.

College Prefects only are permitted to wear a coloured waistcoat, underneath their suit.

During inclement weather coats may be worn; these must be dark coloured with no visible emblems or logos. This helps maintain the high standard of appearance of our students. Hooded tops and all types of hats are not permitted.

Uniform should be smart with all items clearly labelled. If there are any problems with attending school in the correct uniform College must be notified in writing by parents / carers.

Hair must be kept neat and tidy, cover the scalp but not the ears, eyes or collar. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. Facial hair is not permitted unless there are medical circumstances, discussed in advance with the Headmaster.

Jewellery, including friendship and charity wrist bands, is not permitted. Students may wear a watch and medical bracelet if appropriate. Piercings of any kind are not permitted.

In line with the Mobile Phone Policy (see website for details), pupils are not permitted to wear headphones or earphones during the school day (08:25-15:25).

The College Uniform consists of:

Years 7-10

  • College blazer                                  (R)
  • Dark grey or black trousers

Years 11-13

  • Dark matching suit – black, dark grey, dark blue (R)

All Year Groups

  • College Tie with House Stripe         (R)
  • Plain white short-sleeved shirt
  • Plain black V-necked pullover (optional)
  • College scarf (optional)                    (R)
  • Black polished shoes (no boots or black / logo trainers**)
  • Plain dark grey or black socks
  • Dark overcoat (no stripes or logos)

**medical conditions or injuries may necessitate the wearing of different shoes, but requirements must be sent to the Headmaster in advance for approval

The College outfitter is currently Redvers, Bath Street, St. Helier. They alone are authorised to supply items marked (R).

Colours, ‘Ten’, and Prefect Ties, awarded by Houses and the College, may replace the standard College Tie.

Suitable brightly coloured protective clothing may be worn over the uniform when travelling by motorcycle or bicycle, but it may not be worn about the College.

Breaches of the College’s Uniform and Appearance Policy will result in sanctions being applied.


Valuables and money, other than small amounts, should not be brought to College.  If this is unavoidable, all valuables and money must be handed into Reception for safekeeping or locked in a locker.  All valuables must be handed into a games master before sports lessons and not be left unattended in changing rooms.  College takes no responsibility for money, general valuables or electronic devices brought onto the premises.

Victoria College Parents’ Association (The “VCPA”)

The Victoria College Parents’ Association (“VCPA”) is an active committee that holds parent forums and distributes funds to support College and enrich the boys’ time here; parents are encouraged to get involved.

The primary aims of the VCPA are to:

  • Provide a feedback loop between parents and staff on College policy and education ideas;
  • Distribute funds contributed to it to enhance the boys academic and co-curricular experience at College;
  • Organise activities and events for parents to feel part of College and understand what makes it so special; and
  • Support school events

Its members also run a Nearly New Uniform shop, which opens on the first Thursday of each month (14:30 to 16:00).

VCPA also maintains a list of parents who are willing helpers at the events that are arranged.You are welcome to be added to this list if you prefer.

If you have any queries regarding VCPA and how you can help or join please feel free to email Chair, Helen Worthy on