Victoria College is a States (government-owned) school on the island of Jersey.

The school is fee-paying but caters for the whole Jersey community, offering significant bursary support for those in need. The College offers a traditional Sixth Form curriculum, with all students in Year 12 starting on at least 3 A levels or equivalent subjects. Predicted grades are based for a combination of Year 12 examination performance  and data projections of statistically likely outcomes (ALPS/ALIS), allied to the professional judgement of subject specialists.

The school operates within a Sixth Form consortium, which allows for a broader provision to include subjects not on our curriculum, such as BTEC Business. Accordingly, some students may have studied their subject at a different school, where they may have encountered differing pedagogical preferences, support or resources. Some pupils study additional UCAS qualifying courses such as LAMDA as an enrichment course. These courses are allocated significantly less time than the guided teaching hours.