College Life

Greater freedom, greater responsibilities

A strong partnership between student, parent and staff is ever more important on the journey through the world of exams and big decisions such as choices on subjects and higher education options. In the Sixth Form, there is a subtle and vital shift in the dynamic of this partnership. The student is now in the driving seat, with his parents and teachers alongside him to facilitate and support his increasingly mature and independent approach to learning and development of his prospects.

In Years 12 and 13, our students form the integral core of our peer leadership network. Traditional Prefect roles are available alongside a diverse array of leadership opportunities. There is often a clear, defining moment in the Sixth Formers’ minds when they become aware of just how much the younger students look up to them. With this transfer of responsibility as well as certain liberties, they sense that they are trusted and assume a sense of leadership, preparing them for the self-discipline and sense of self-direction they’ll need as they head towards higher education and working life.

Our aim is to build on the skills and confidence each Sixth Former has secured during Key Stages 3 and 4 so that they are equipped to take on further challenges and opportunities throughout Years 12 and 13, and then beyond College. We want our students to continue to feel confident and capable as they add depth and dimension to their academic and personal development – ready for the future and ready to build a successful future.

For any Sixth Form enquiries, please email Head of Sixth Form, Alan Falle.

" I have been immensely grateful to have spent the last 7 years of my education at Victoria College. The amazing teachers have helped develop my interest in a broad range of subjects which will put me in excellent stead for the future.

In particular, I will forever appreciate the support I received on my university application. The school arranged mock interviews and teachers were willing to meet with me to help prepare for my admission test and interview.

Ultimately, I was able to secure an offer from Oxford to read Politics, Philosophy and Economics, so I must thank the College for the excellent time I've spent here, and their help in pursuing my ambitions for the future. "

Our Prefects

In the Sixth Form, you can apply to become a Prefect. In this unique position, you are a highly visible role model for all the students in the school and will represent Victoria College. Prefects have the privilege of wearing the traditional ceremonial robes to official school events and when escorting distinguished guests.

The Prefects’ main duty is to maintain an atmosphere of friendly co-operation, peace, discipline and unity in the school. They are expected to model our school values and are trusted and respected. They are often sought for input and assistance by the Senior Leadership Team to help organise and represent the student body.

Our Head Prefect (Head Boy) Jack Stevens and our Deputy Head Boys Thomas Waller and Lachlan Muir head up the House Captains and Senior Prefects:

  • Braithwaite: Zachariah Andrews, Charlie Brennan (Sports Prefect), Daniel Bryon (Co-Curricular Prefect), William Dengate (House Captain), Archie McKeon, Aiden Pateman, Jack Stevens (Head Boy)
  • Bruce: Joseph Gower (House Captain), Ben Mason (Wellbeing Prefect), Zavier Powell  
  • Diarmid: Louis Kelly (House Captain), Sam Watling 
  • Dunlop: Sebastian Kirkby (House Captain), Willoughby Lutkin-Clarke (Arts Prefect), Thomas Waller (Deputy Head Boy), Isaac Tarrant, Louis Hunt
  • Sartorius: James Courtness (House Captain), Lachlan Muir (Deputy Head Boy), Sam Oldridge, Sebastian Parkes, Daniel Riley (Student Voice Prefect) 

The Tutor System

Each year group has five classes, each with a dedicated Form Tutor who monitors the academic progress, behaviour and welfare of each student. This teacher is the main point of contact for students and sees them twice a day for registration. They are also the first and central point of contact for parents and other staff.

Student Council

We encourage our students to participate fully in their College life and community. The Student Council allows students to have their voices heard, to explore issues and solutions and make a meaningful contribution to the development and direction of their College.

At the start of the academic year, each form group or class elects a Form Rep whose role is to represent the views of their peers at House Council meetings and Whole School Council meetings. School Council representatives also take their proposals to the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team, so this role provides valuable leadership experience for the students.

For further information about the Student Council, please email Student Voice Coordinator, Elise Falla.

Bistro Victoria

Flourish from Caring Cooks are the catering provider for students and staff of Victoria College and our Preparatory School, and provide a Break Menu and Hot Lunch menu option which is rotated every three weeks each term. The Bistro menu can be viewed here.  Students require a pre-pay card, which is topped up online.

Whilst in the Sixth Form, students are given the luxury of going into town for their lunch break if they so wish. Although the Bistro is still available if they decide to stay on site.