Lost Property

From time to time, your son will mislay items of equipment or clothing. If anything your son brings into school is of value or you would not be happy to replace, please ensure that his full name is clearly and securely on it. 

If something goes missing, please ask your son to:

  • Retrace his steps (including break and lunchtimes);
  • Look in the relevant locations list below, depending on his movements.

There are three main areas where boys’ things are left behind.

Sports Pavilion – if your son has left something in the changing rooms, it will typically stay there for a day or two just in case he goes back to look for it.

Langford Sports Centre – if your son has left something in these changing rooms, they are placed into the lost property store in Langford. Named items are returned. Unnamed items are routinely collected and moved to the main Lost Property Cupboard.

Rest of the College – any items of kit or equipment that are left behind in classrooms and other areas of the College are periodically gathered and placed in the Lost Property Cupboard in the main building. Named items are returned to the student. Unnamed items are left in the cupboard, and their photos will be routinely added to the below galleries for parents to browse. 

At the end of every term, unclaimed lost property will either be: